Statuario Carrara

Statuario Carrara is considered to be one of the most precious marbles in the world. Because of its crystalline and luminous structure, Statuario has been the marble of choice for fine sculpting and decorative works since the Roman era. The Great Renaissance masters like Michelangelo used this prestigious marble to sculpt their infamous statues such as David.

Just as Bianco Carrara, Statuario is quarried in the Carrara mountains in Italy. But while Bianco Carrara shows slight gray undertones with subtle veining, Statuario is bright white in color with fewer but more outspoken gray veins running across. A Marmoso fireplace mantel carved from Statuario Carrara is an expression of true art, honoring the magnificent pieces sculpted throughout history from this very same stone. 

Statuario Carrara is available on all our mantels in the Classics and Modern collections, and on any custom mantel.