Marmoso is the trusted partner of leading designers and discerning homeowners for bespoke fireplaces carved to their unique vision


My husband and I always dreamed about the luxury of having a marble fireplace in our home. During our last remodel, and with a specific design in mind, we decided to finally make it happen. Unfortunately, finding our dream mantel was incredibly painful. Few places still master the craftsmanship of hand-carving marble, and those that do are difficult to work with on anything custom. We asked ourselves: why does it have to be this way? And so Marmoso was born, with us as very first clients.

Every home is unique. And so should a fireplace mantel as the focal point of a room. Marmoso is all about custom and making the vision of a designer or homeowner a reality.

By rethinking the traditional market approach of this age-old industry as a young and dynamic company, working directly with European quarries and artisan carvers, we are able to custom-design luxury fireplace mantels hand-carved from the finest European marble. We believe every home is unique, and partner closely with interior designers and homeowners to make their unique vision a reality. This close and intimate partnership with our clients is not only what defines us as a company, but what inspires us as a team. Now that we finally have that dream fireplace of our own, our new dream is for Marmoso to help others make everything their home means to them even more special. Just as it has for us.


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